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Group Programs

Puppy Kindergarten


This 6 week class is for puppies 8 weeks to 18 weeks of age. Many changes occur during this time so because of the sensitivity of very young puppies we do not mix them with older puppies. Our puppy classes are organized with puppies’ ages in mind ensuring a more comfortable and encouraging environment for everyone.

Over the course of the 6 weeks we will teach your puppy to “learn how to learn” while also teaching you how to communicate with him in a positive way. This class is centered on giving both puppy and owner the best possible start to their relationship. There is a crucial window during puppyhood where socialization is paramount! Proper socialization with puppies has a direct impact on what type of adult dog they will become. We spend ample time on how to positively socialize your puppy to new places, people, objects, and other dogs to ensure he sees the world and everything in it in a positive light. Additional discussion topics include proper house training and crate training, proper handling skills, mouthing and nipping, canine body language and appropriate playing, and how to properly discourage unwanted behaviors. The program also covers teaching fundamental behaviors in preparation for basic manners, including Sit, Down, and developing your puppy’s impulse control. This is a great foundation class for you and your puppy’s developing relationship and one of the most important training classes for you both to take.


Puppy Kindergarten Premier Package


With our Premier Puppy Package you get the benefits of attending our group Puppy Kindergarten program along with the personalization in-home training can offer. 

The Premier Package includes:

Our 6-week Puppy Kind. Group Class 

One 60-minute in-home session

One Puppy Socialization Session

Your in-home training session will focus on topics ranging from: environmental management, recommended daily routines, housetraining and mouthing/nipping behaviors, as well as any areas of concern you may have. 

Our puppy socialization session is ideal when you can't be home with your puppy (though we welcome you to be home and watch our session!). We will take your puppy out for a potty-break and spend an hour teaching and exposing your puppy to novel objects, new experiences, and ultimately help build his confidence with new challenges. He will be tuckered out until you get home. 

You will be providing your puppy with the best start possible with our Premier Puppy Package.


Basic Manners I


For dogs 6 months of age and older. This 6 week program will teach you how to better communicate and understand the learning process of dogs. Your dog will learn behaviors such as: Sit and Down, Impulse Control, Come, Walking on a Loose Leash, and Stay. With our behavior badge earning system, as your dog learns these new behaviors he will earn badges that you can display proudly. We’ll teach you proper handling skills and how to better understand what your dog is telling you through canine body language. Through a mix of low stress instruction, personal attention for everyone, and fun training games and activities, you’ll find that you and your dog will build a new type of relationship that can only get stronger as you continue training together.


Basic Manners II


For dogs who've completed Basic Manners I, this 6 week program is designed to further hone the skills learned in Basic I as well as work on new behaviors. During the 6 weeks, you will learn how to proof your dog’s skills through increasing criteria, games and outdoor work . You’ll be honing the skills you’ve previously learned while also being introduced to new behaviors such as: Mat Training, Settling on Cue, Trick Training, and more. Just like the Basic Manners I course, you will be able to earn badges for learned behaviors to add to your dog’s achievement certificate! This fun-filled course in the Basic Manners Program will leave both you and your dog feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Once you complete the Basic Manners I and II courses and your dog has earned all of his badges, you then will be ready to join the final stage of the Basic Program, Level III.


Basic Manners III


The final segment in our Basic Manners Program, Basic Manners III is a 6 week course that takes everything you’ve learned from the first two classes and puts them to the test in public settings. We will meet in various community areas such as: public parks, outdoor dining areas, pet friendly stores, and sports fields. Our sessions will focus on using the skills you’ve already learned in different community settings, ensuring your dog is a well mannered part of the community. Graduates of our Basic Manners III class show that they have confidence working with their dog and that their dog has consistently shown to be mannerly and reliable in home and public places.


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