"when dogs speak, we listen."

"A 'yes' will get you so much more in your training than a 'no'. There is no need to cause fear or pain to train. And your dog will love you for it." coldnosecollege.com


Group Programs


There are a variety of group programs you can choose from to begin learning and working with your dog! Below is a list of the current group programs offered. I invite you to visit the "Group Programs" page for a detailed description of each program. Programs range from $120-$170 

Puppy Kindergarten I

Basic Manners I

Basic Manners II

Basic Manners III

Stay tuned for new programs this Winter, 2019

Private Training Services


One on one sessions are available to those looking for a more tailored format. Sessions are held at my home facility located at: 1946 Newark Road, Lincoln University, PA 19352. This option is best suited for easily distracted or nervous dogs, newly rescued dogs, or clients looking for a more specific training program. 

$50/hour session ; $30/30 min. session

Home Sessions

In-Home training is available upon request and based off of location. These sessions follow the same platform as standard private sessions but are done in your home. At the end of each session I will email a summary of our session along with any supplementary training materials you may need to continue your training success. Continued communication in between sessions is an integral part of the training plan to ensure goals are being met and continued progress is being made.

Home Sessions are limited to a 30 minute travel distance from my facility.

$50/hour session ; $35/30 min. session + $.50 per mile for travel

Behavior Modification


Behavior problems in dogs unfortunately  are fairly common. Behaviors such as fearfulness/anxiety, being destructive, resource guarding, or leash reactivity can be very stressful to manage. If you are looking for help with a problem behavior please contact me. We will begin with an in-home consultation to discuss your concerns and your dog's behaviors in greater detail as well as your dog's history and daily routines. I will then design a plan specifically for you and your dog's needs. We will work together to help your dog overcome these obstacles using only science-based, force-free methods. 

Consultation  and Session Fees: $65/hour ; $40/ 30 min. session plus $.50 per mile for travel

Fetch! Enrichment Program


This one on one enrichment program is designed to provide the mental & physical stimulation dogs need every day. Perfect for dogs of any age!

In the Fetch! program I will guide you and your your dog through a variety of activities that are designed to encourage him to think, explore, and gain confidence. Each Fetch! session is 30 minutes and allows your dog to experience new and fun things in a positive and encouraging environment. Activities range from agility themed exercises, scent games, herding games, tricks, and more.

Training experience is not required for these sessions. Simply call or email me to schedule your session Tuesday through Thursday. Sessions are scheduled on a week by week basis; no required number of sessions needs be scheduled or purchased.


Beyond A Walk


For those days when you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time and you want something more than just a walk for your dog while you're gone. With the “Beyond a Walk” Program, I will visit your dog at your home and will work with him one on one. Your dog will be mentally and physically exercised through training and pre-planned, structured games and activities. If you have specific training objectives for your dog, I will gear our activities around those goals to keep him on track. An hour visit will leave your dog feeling more content than if he just had a walk or a game of fetch.

Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Services offered Tuesday-Thursday

$40 plus travel fee

Puppy Socialization Home Visits


So you just adopted a puppy and now you have to go to work and leave him home alone. The first 16 weeks of your puppy's life are the most critical in learning about the world around him. Missing out on this crucial phase in your puppy's development can lead to future issues with coping with change and becoming a confident, well-rounded adult. With my Puppy Socialization Home Visit service, I will come to your home and not only take your puppy out for a walk and potty break but I will take your puppy out and properly socialize him. I will gently and positively expose him to different places and environments, sounds, objects, textures, and more. If there is anything your puppy may be overly cautious about, I will focus our effort on helping your puppy to see that "scary thing" as something positive. Please Note: This service helps to supplement your efforts of socializing your puppy, it should not be the only socialization your puppy receives. Socialization should be done daily.

$45/hour plus travel fees

Canine Good Citizen Testing

The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification has become a much sought after title for many dog parents. Designed to reward dogs who show good manners in and around the community, the CGC certification emphasizes the need for responsible owners and basic manners for dogs. Upon passing the CGC evaluation, all dogs receive an official AKC certificate. To learn more about the Canine Good Citizen Program visit: www.akc.org, click here.

A CGC prep class is offered; however,

individual testing without attending a group class can be scheduled by appointment only. There are no prerequisites required to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification Evaluation.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an evaluation.


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