"when dogs speak, we listen."

Training You Can Do. Training You Can TRUST.


 "We need to learn to understand the language of dogs so that we can understand what our dogs are telling us. That is the secret of having a good life together." Turid Rugaas

Force-Free Training Methods


The Speaking Dog Training Co.’s philosophies and methods stem from pairing the right combination of proven, science-based methods with an understanding of how dogs communicate.  I believe very strongly in teaching my canine and human clients through fun and enjoyable training activities; making it not only easy to understand but also easy to integrate into your daily life. Solely force-free methods are used in all training programs ensuring dogs are eager to learn and perform. Every dog learns at his own pace so I'll adjust our training activities accordingly to ensure everyone is set up for success.

A Lifetime Relationship


Training doesn’t end when a class is over. My mission is to provide the highest quality training to my clients for a lifetime so my services also don't stop when the class is over.  I offer all of my clients continuous support when they need it. Whether answering quick questions, troubleshooting training hiccups, or providing additional resources and information, I help however I can. And everyone is always welcome back for refresher courses or advanced training to further hone your skills.

What People Are Saying

"Jamie is the BEST!! You could not find a more knowledgeable and gifted dog trainer. I will be taking all my dogs to her training classes for the rest of my dog owning years." Ali R.

"Jamie is smart, gentle, patient, and so knowledgeable at what she does! I'm happy to have my pup train with her!" Kelly F. 

"Jamie is an excellent trainer and helps me understand practically what my dogs behaviors mean and the biology of how my interactions with my dogs can permanently influence them both positively and negatively ! Thanks for all the great insights !" Denise D.

"Jamie is an excellent instructor.   Took time to make sure dogs were comfortable!! Only trainer I met who does not make dogs treat depended for training. I will be back for more classes. Also she explained to owners what was expected and how to be successful in our dog training. I will be referring Jamie to anyone looking for dog training." Maureen O.

"If your dog needs training, I highly recommend Speaking Dog Training Co.,LLC. Jamie is the greatest with both dogs & their owners. She takes the time with each dog & owner and gives them the individual training that is required to have a successful training experience. Elton & I Thank you for the most wonderful experience." Philomena D. 

"We just finished Manners 1 with our now 10 month old Golden. Jamie is great at teaching the basics while addressing individual concerns. She keeps the training moving and promotes enthusiasm. I highly recommend her program." Nathan S. 


For Questions Or To Learn More

Feel free to call or email me with questions or to schedule a training session for you and your best friend! I look forward to hearing from you.

The Speaking Dog Training Co., LLC

1946 Newark Road, Lincoln University, PA 19352, US

484.225.3589; info@thespeakingdog.com

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